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  • Version: 2.5.410

Chat client for both MSN and Yahoo plus VoIP

Vbuzzer Messenger is a messenger client and VoIP app in one package. It is compatible with the networks of MSN, Yahoo, ICQ and AIM, in addition to having its own network.

As well as basic functions such as chat, checking your mail and send and receiving files, it lets you make phone calls worldwide and send and receive faxes at rates comparable to Skype. In addition, there's an easy to use RS reader and the overall feel and design is quite nice. The PC-to-Phone rates are low and the audio quality is usually very good. I also liked the fact that you can setup call forwarding to any landline or mobile phone, free voicemail to e-mail service and record your own personal voicemail greetings. The PC-to-phone service is known as BuzzOut while the phone-to-PC service is named BuzzMe and enables subscribers to receive unlimited calls on Vbuzzer. You get a free area 416 BuzzMe number that can be reached from any phone and they usually have introductory offers with a range of free calls on offer.

I wouldn't change to this from Skype but if they could lower the rates a bit, I'd definitely consider it.

Vbuzzer is a software program that is free to download, easy to use and lets you use your computer like a phone. Calls between Vbuzzer users are always free anywhere in the world!

So are Ring Tones, Voicemail, call forward and Instant Messaging! When you subscribe to our "Buzz Out" and "Buzz Me" plans you can make and receive calls to mobile and traditional phones. It isn't free, but our Plans and Services offer cheaper rates than traditional carriers and the other competitors!


  • Easy to setup
  • Audio quality good
  • Calling rates reasonable
  • Offers chat and VoIP in one


  • Calling rates not much different to Skype

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Vbuzzer Messenger


Vbuzzer Messenger 2.5.410 for PC

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